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Glasshouse. Local Motion Pictures

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I co-wrote and associate produced Glasshouse, a dystopian gothic fairytale: an atmospheric neurotoxin shreds the memories of anyone who breathes the air: a family survives in a sealed glasshouse, preserving their past through rituals… until a stranger arrives and forces them to confront a truth they have tried to forget. The film has played at top genre festivals Fantasia and Fantastic Fest, and won best feature at the SA Independent Film Festival. It was positively received by critics, and has an 89% Rotten Tomatoes rating. 

• “Glasshouse is a standout: the film is truly brilliant, unique, and perfect in every way.” Clapper

• “One of the fest’s most intriguing and visceral films… Glasshouse is that rare kind of beast that’s rich in both character and plot while offering up one gorgeous shot after another.” Cinapse
• “A candidate for being the most unique film we’ll see this year at the Fantasia Film Festival…” Cineccentric
• “A great film… One of the most beautiful films playing this year’s Fantasia fest.” Unseen Films
• “5/5 stars. One of the most tightly plotted and sharply observed pieces of science fiction to grace our screens for some years… Glasshouse is destined to linger in the imagination… It’s supposed to be the first of three science fiction films. After you’ve seen it, you’ll be impatiently waiting for the others.” Eye For Film

• “5/5 stars. A post-apocalyptic must-see sci-fi thriller that will make you hold your breath… If you’ve never felt claustrophobia, Glasshouse could be the film to show you what that feels like… A cruel contortion of love, sex, and power that will bring you to a complete halt.” Mother of Movies

• “4.5/5 stars. A stunning feature-length debut which challenges our trust of memory… A powerful statement from a flourishing talent… I didn’t know what to think of Glasshouse when it finished and it wasn’t until the following day, having had time to consider the script, direction, and performances, that the depth of it truly hit me…  I couldn’t help but feel knocked on my ass a little bit. Glasshouse is an exploration of human fragility and the vigor of will. Egan and de Wet push us places that may make us uncomfortable, never truly giving concrete evidence in one way or another about motives or ideas, and, in that discomfort, forcing us to consider the stories we hear and the stories we tell… Bravo to the entire cast.” Elements of Madness 
• “4/5 stars… an immersive, eerie chamber piece, a coming-of-age drama and a sci-fi fantasy that becomes more than the sum of its parts thanks to its strong visual style, good performances and its assured hand in escalating tension. Recommended.” In Their Own League

• “8/10… Between the performances, costumes, set design, and story, it’s difficult to not be swept away by this film… Glasshouse paints a beautifully haunting picture of the burden behind our memories and asks the question if it’s better to forget.” The Blogging Banshee

• “Gorgeous… A strong film for both its premise and its sense of design. The blend of dystopian science fiction and mystery will keep you on your toes until the films surprising end.” AIPT Comics
• “A haunting post-apocalyptic family drama…  A sweaty, claustrophobic, haunting story that displays a cunning understanding of memory and trauma and explores them in a gripping and insightful way… This film oozes with desire and longing… An incredibly impressive debut from a new directorial voice. It borrows from many familiar places, but the new tune it plays feels entirely unique. It dives into some deep waters and asks its’ audience to ponder some dark spaces, but it never asks more of you than the narrative can carry. It is unafraid to be a bit scandalous, but in all that sensuality and intrigue it manages to achieve a surprising beauty.” Cinepunx

• “A sensual, eerie fairytale with a dark heart… A refreshing, grounded story anchored by strong performances... Eerie and spine-tingling…” Fanside

• “A haunting siren song of a film"… Daily Dead

• “Will chill you to the core.” The Movie Buff

• “Never less than compelling… manages to keep its ambiguity alive all the way to the end” Daily Grindhouse

• “Not easy to forget... Much like the stranger who arrives unannounced, the Glasshouse weaves its way into your mind and lingers there.” That Shelf
• “One can only hope it gets snagged quickly for distribution, as it feels like a perfect match for genre streaming service Shudder.” Josh at The Movies
• “A claustrophobic, provocative sci-film film... An undoubtedly confident debut... Signals the arrival of a director to keep an eye on. A thematically rich drama brought to life by a capable cast, Glasshouse will stick with viewers long after the end credits roll.” Indiependent
• “Highly recommended.” Never Think Impossible

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